My name is Rae Owen and I’m the face behind Ravishing Weddings. It is my personal mission to take your wedding from simply special to totally ravishing, by creating the perfect floral accompaniment to your special day. Did you know flowers have a long history and have always been an integral part of weddings since before medieval times? For example, the tradition of the groom wearing a single flower from the bride’s bouquet meant that he was wearing his lady’s colours, a declaration of his devotion and love. Flowers have their own language and symbolism so that each flower, singularly and in bouquet, can convey a special meaning that go beyond mere words.

With over thirty years experience as a floral designer, and having worked with some of Australia’s leading florists, I bring experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to each and every wedding. To me every bride and every wedding is unique. I will work with you to make your special day spectacular by designing a unique floral arrangement which reflects your personality and your unique love story. Together we can make your wedding one that will stand out and one that your friends will no doubt envy!

Whilst weddings are my specialty, I can also create the perfect floral arrangement for your commitment ceremony, christening, communion, name day or any event or function where flowers are called upon to make a ravishing statement.

So, please head on over to my gallery where I have assembled a selection of bouquets to give you just a glimpse of the many beautiful variations and arrangements that we can create together. You are more than welcome to choose one of these designs as a starting point, but just as no two flowers or brides are exactly the same, so are no two bouquets or weddings.

Please contact me  for a free, no obligation chat about how we can make your wedding totally ravishing.