The Sydney Flower Markets are always a fantastic adventure, I admit to feeling just like Alice in a floral wonderland.
This time of year we can enjoy the wonderful chrysanthemum, one of the most underrated blooms of all time.
Chrysanthemums come in many varieties & colours & can be used in many ways making them one of the most versatile flowers available today.
The large pom pom shaped dis budded chrysanthemum (a favourite) is considered so special in Japan it has become a symbol of royalty,
in fact each bloom is created by painstakingly removing all flower buds along the stem but one,
encouraging the plant to put all energy into the remaining single bud, creating perfection.
I also enjoy the daisy chrysanthemums, the perfect blooms are happy & bright with colours ranging from white all through the colour spectrum,
there are even the most spectacular shades of burgundy. Large spider chrysanthemums are a must if you havnt already had them in your home.
They are similar to dis bud chrysanthemums but instead of a large pom pom these gorgeous blooms resemble a large flat spidery feathery concoction,
with the most spectacular range of colours, the golds & mauves are really special.
Thanks for taking the time to visit my web site, please visit again soon & don't forget to enjoy some spectacular chrysanthemums.
Till next time,Rae.